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    Best Audio Interfaces for Mac Air?
    Just got a new MacBook Air and want to record using Garage Band and my electric guitar and mic. Tried using my old Roland UA 25, and it worked one session, but now will not run or even recognize the device. I installed and reinstalled the drivers, tried different cords, etc. Any suggestions? Do I need to buy a new interface, and if so, what interface plays nice with a Mac?

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    I don't know enough to help you troubleshoot the Roland -- I wonder if its getting enough power?

    The Apogee Duet seems to be popular with the crowd I run with.

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    Second the Apogee Duet. It's kind of expensive though.

    Do other devices work in that USB port? If not then you might have messed up something on the computer's logic board like draw too much power and fry the port (note: most if not all computers have failsafe measures put in place to prevent this from happening so this is remote).
    If they do then you might have fried something inside the interface. I had an Alesis interface stop working on me a while back because I had blown some electrical coil inside of it so it wouldn't even turn on.

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