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    Inserting photos into PowerPoint
    Couple of questions:

    1) How can I insert more than one picture at a time? In Windows version you could just select the ones you wanted (from the same folder) and insert them all at the same time.

    2) Each time I insert a picture (which is frequently - see above!), I have to re-navigate from the main Pictures folder. It would be helpful to have it look in the folder last used. Is there a setting I can change for this?


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    I just tested this with Powerpoint 2011. I used the "Insert" menu and selected insert photos. I then used the Photo Browser which opened on the right side and remained open to allow me to insert as many photos as I wished into the slide. It works the same way with graphics.

    Perhaps I'm not understanding exactly what you're trying to do? And by the way, it works exactly the same as my Windows version of Powerpoint 2010.

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    If you want to select more than one picture hold down the Shift or Cmd key, and click on the ones that you want.

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