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    Setting Up User Accounts
    Hello fine folks of Macdom!

    My wife and I just got a used Macbook to use as our media hub. I've transferred the files we wanted on the Mac from our PC using the Migration Assistant, which of course put everything in a separate user account.

    What I'd like to do at this point is set up 2 user accounts; one for me and one for my wife. We each already have separate iTunes libraries and separate apple ID/accounts, so I think this will work well in general.

    As it is now, I'm using the main admin account and I'm setting up the new account that the Migration Assistant set up as my wife's account.

    What I'd like to do is move files around between the two accounts so that that stuff I use shows up on my account and the stuff my wife uses shows up on her's.

    I've read through ways to do this, and most seem to say to copy items to the 'shared' folder, and then copy them from there to the user account where it belongs. The only issue with this I have is that I don't want to create 2 or more copies of all these files and end up filling up the hard drive. I just want my wife's music, photos, and documents on her account, and mine on my account, with no extra stuff taking up space as middleman, as it were.

    How can I do that?

    Thanks a bunch for any advice you can offer!

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    There may be a more obvious solution to your problem that I am unaware of, but my way of going around this issue was to create a folder inside my Applications folder (mine, just for reference, is called 'Fun stuff'). I then move any files that I want to be able to access on both my standard and administrative accounts into that Fun stuff folder.

    Just a thought.
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    @OP if you do as you suggested using the Shared folder as a temporary space it doesn't have to take up additional spaced. Lets assume you are moving files from your account to hers:

    1. Move the files that should be hers from your account to the shared folder.
    2. Log into her account and copy the files from the Shared folder to wherever you want them in her account.
    3. Once you know the files are copied correctly delete the copies from your account and the4 shared folder.
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