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Thread: photo browser?

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    photo browser?
    Hi everyone - I am brand new, both here on the forums, and to Mac. I just made the switch literally a day ago. Needless to say I am overwhelmed but have been playing around and have learned a ton of things already.

    Ok - I am a blogger and use a lot of photos. In Windows I used Nikonview as my image browser (I think that's what you call it - I am not a technical person at all). All of my photos are in Nikonview, organized in folders, and I "rename" each photo that I am going to use on my blog. Now, with Mac, I need to find a good program (preferably free), that is somewhat similar.

    When I go into Pictures, I see all my photos there as I have already uploaded them all, but I literally have thousands and it's hard to find anything.

    I tried to play around with iphoto but can't even figure out how to import photos into it! And I can't seem to figure out how to create photos to organize them, etc.

    Is there a good photo browser to download that would keep everything organized, where I can rename individual photos to upload onto my blog, etc? I'm really confused.

    Thanks so much for any help.

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    It really sounds like iPhoto is what you want. Since you say that you're having some issues figuring it out, take a look at some of the videos here.
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    photo browser
    Vansmith: Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. OK, I will definitely look at the videos and hopefully it's what I'm looking for.

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