I got a macbook pro 13" because everyone in my college has one - and it feels really nice when i sit in the campus café (see? i made that é on my Apple Macbook Pro by holding down e key they pushing 2 at prompt) with my black North Face Denali Jacket and just kicking back with my Apple headphones and listening to music.

But the thing is I really like video games, and i cant get my favorite to run on osx, and i hate bootcamp cuz it still runs like chit and i hate having to switch and it seems kinda weird to pay so much money for a mac only to have to run windows on it :S

if i get the most expensive macbook pro will i be able to run them on osx?

I really don't want to get a windows gaming laptop because my friend said they are way too mainstream and the group of people I hang out with all use macs and iphones.

so what should i do?

what do you guys usually do on your macs? and where do you usually go to use them?