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    .avi and .mov getting them onto our new iMac
    Hi there

    We are transfering our images and movies from PC to iMac.. For some reason iPhoto is saying it doesn't recognise our movies. If we plug in the camera directly it accepts them straight from the camera but it won't take tem from the external harddrive - it says unrecognisable file format. But it wil play them from the hard drive... We're just not sure what to do as we want all our memories together.

    Where should we be storing our movies?

    Thanks for helping this novice! So excited about getting into our new iMac!

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    Where should we be storing our movies?
    In the Movies Folder in your Home Folder?

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    Thanks - should iPhoto then pick them up?

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    It doesn't matter. You can store them in iPhoto, which is apparently converting them on import (just like iMovie would), suggesting they are in AVCHD format.

    You can take the converted files out of iPhoto and store them in the Movies folder (or a separate HD if you prefer), that's what I do (actually I *now* convert movies into a standard format for either viewing or editing depending on what I want to do).

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