I just switched from pc to a new mac pro laptop. I installed office 2011 for mac mainly because I want to keep outlook. I have been using office 2003 and have had Outlook 2003 set up to get email from 8 email different email addresses and have always liked outlook for keeping them all organized. I exported a PST file from Personal Folders in Outlook 2003. I then imported that PST file into Outlook 2001 mac. This only imported emails, and did not import contacts or e-mail account setups. I was okay with that and imported contacts using a separate export of contacts in a text file. I set up the email accounts from scratch in Outlook 2011 mac. My problem is that after I turned on the Account column on the mail item list, the email accounts are not listed for any of the imported email. The Account column is blank for all imported emails. The accounts do show for the new mail that is arriving. Is there any way to get the email accounts displayed in the account column for the imported emails from outlook 2003?