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Thread: imac does not detect external vga display

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    Oct 01, 2013
    imac does not detect external vga display
    Please help with connecting external display to an imac 2013 OS X 10.8.5.

    I have connected an external monitor (Fujitsu Siemens) to the thunderbolt port of the imac using a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. The imac does not detect the external monitor. I have followed all instructions and suggestions I could find at without success. The monitor is in perfectly good working order as it has no problem connecting and performing correctly with a dell windows pc.

    Any advice and help will be appreciated.
    Thank you


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    First unplug adapter/cable and plug them back in - always first thing.

    The monitor does not have any other connection type? If it has DVI wouldn't even be trying VGA.
    Next question would be, what adapter did you buy - link to your specific adapter would be good.
    The adapter itself would be my first guess after troubleshooting.

    For troubleshooting step by step, head to the following thread - post # 2.
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    Thank you bobtomay for a quick response.

    Did the unplug/plug - no change, unfortunately. The monitor has only a VGA connector - legacy from previous use, as it was the simplest 'no thrills' solution to 'extending' pc display. It has always worked in that job flawlessly.

    Amended part of post:

    Previously, wrote here that I was unsure how to check the adapter. It's now been checked - imac connected via the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to the D-Sub connector of a Samsung smart TV. Connection worked perfectly. For completeness here is also the link to the adapter details from the source of purchase:

    It now looks like there is an issue between the imac and the monitor, as all components work in alternative connections, but not together.


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