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    Hi all,
    Looks like I maybe bringing my self to this site in future for tips and points... I have been dreaming for years to become a proud mac owner and now I as of a few days ago I plan on never going back!!!
    Though I have now came across my first problem, I have discovered I cannot write on my external hard drives in which I keep my itunes library as it is NTFS file system, so here I am, I want that hard drive to be my itunes library still but in order to do that I need to copy it to my other hard drive on my windows computer, (9 hours to do), format it on my mac, then transfer it all on my mac, almost tempted to get yet another hard drive now as a spare back up... sigh... Its not exactly a problem as I've worked out what I need to do... just a little bit of fustration I need to vent lol.

    Anyway Cheers for listening and Look forward to getting to know some of you good folk

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    Your NTFS hard drive is readable but not writable by default. Paragon makes a $20 NTFS program for the Mac that enables NTFS that comes recommended and would solve the issue.

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    +1 for Paragon. works very well for me.

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