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    Open Office 4.0
    I went to install Open OFfice 4.0 on my MAC and got a message that the OS did not want to allow me to run the install because the software was unsigned. I downloaded the software from a trusted site. I have used the software many times in the past (previous versions) I know how to override the block. My question is there a reason that I should not install Open Office version 4 on my MAC?

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    No. That warning was just GateKeeper doing what it was designed to do (prevent the installation of software not signed by Apple). There's nothing wrong with OOo on OS X.
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    Thank you VanSmith.

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    For various reasons, some developers choose not to pay the $99/year fee to be a registered Apple developer, and thus get caught in Gatekeeper's web. If you're sure that what you're getting is legit, you can override Gatekeeper's controls temporarily -- but for the most part I strongly recommend leaving them on, as it is your best defense against malware and trickware.

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