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    iPhoto burning issues
    Hi, apologies if this is an old question but I cannot find in previous forums, I have a batch of wedding photos that I have dragged from lightroom 3 into iPhoto , I have burnt to disc from there to creative a viewable disc for dvd player use to TV, the quality of the photos is very poor, the originals view fine LR 3 as they are high res images, what do I need to do to make the photos viewable on a TV screen,
    thanks steveL

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    Buy a Blue Ray burner. You can not burn hi res or hi def photos and graphics using a standard burner without sacrificing quality. (Perhaps someone else may have another suggestion without having to spend money on a BR burner.)

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    The dvd resolution is only 720 x 576/480, hence the loss of quality.
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    I either burn my photos as jpegs to DVD or streem via Apple TV via my wifi network. Either way the photos are all stunning hi-res on my 42" tv. Can your tv not read jpgs from the DVD? If so check the Export options to see if you are exporting at highest quality and size.
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    Most dvd players will play .jpg files any more. You would have to make a data disk and burn the .jpg files alone. I wouldn't put them in a folder either. If you have a newer player, some come with a usb connection where you could try copying some .jpg files to a thumb drive to see if it works. By burning to a dvd format you'll lose the resolution as others have said previously.

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