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    Where did my icon snap go? And Track Pad sensitivity?
    I came from Windows 7 about two months ago. Purchased a new MacMini and never looked back.

    In my discovery mode of learning how to explore all the features and Apps I discovered the icon snap feature. After checking the box my desktop icons lined up nice and straight, now any new icons I add will not snap like the others. I have tried to find that feature but have failed. I would appreciate someone showing my where the snap feature is hiding.

    One other question I have, is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the touch feature of my magic Track Pad?

    Thank You!

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    Right click an empty spot on the Desktop > Sort By > Snap to Grid. That will fix the "snapping" that you're looking for.

    Sensitivity of the trackpad how? If you're looking to change the speed, go to System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click. There's a slider in there to change the tracking speed.
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    Thanks, vansmith.. You were spot on!

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