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    MUSIC!?! computer to computer
    Hello everyone. I have been trying to find an answer to my question online but to no avail. I have grown up with Macs, first one being the Mac II. My family currently uses the Aluminum IMac with the core 2.I also have an Iphone and an Ipod so I am fairly use to the operating systems. I do however have a...TOSHIBA for personal use. Here lies the problem. We use an IMac G5 for our music and I have my Ipod synced to this machine. I am going to be moving soon and will only have access to my Toshiba for music and I would like to transfer my music from the G5 to my Toshiba, and I would like to be able to hook my Ipod to it too. Please let me know if there is ANYWAY that I can make this happen! Thanks again!

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    I see no reason why this should be an issue. Set up iTunes on your Toshiba, and then use a USB thumb drive to copy the entire iTunes folder from your Home->Music folder to wherever the iTunes folder is kept on a PC (I would expect it's in "My Music"). Tell your PC copy of iTunes to use that library.

    Once that is working as it should, you sign into the iTunes store with your Apple ID, then attach your iPod. The iTunes will ask you to reset it so you can use it with the PC, which will wipe everything off the iPod (but that's okay, since all the music is already in your iTunes collection). Then you can sync playlists and whatever else using the iTunes on your PC.

    I suggest keeping it synced to the PC until such time as you can get a newer Mac, since iTunes isn't supported for G5 anymore and any newer iPhone or iPod you might get in the future simply won't work with it. Because XP is still in such wide use, Apple still supports it for iTunes.

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    Thanks for the info, I will try it today!

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