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    Macbook Pro A1226 Display
    I'm looking to replace the display on a Macbook Pro A1226 and would like to know what displays are compatible with my build. The cracked display part number is LP154WP2 TL A1. There appears to be multiple displays release with the A1226 and I just wanted to know what my options are in terms of compatibility.

    thanks in advance


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    Personally I would stick with the exact same replacement part.

    Even though it may appear that the same exact display was used across multiple models/multiple generations of the MacBook 1226...unless you can compare them side by side to insure perfect "exactification" (how do you like that word)...there may be small differences that may make them incompatible.

    I know that this is not a perfect answer...especially if you're shopping on e-Bay (or somewhere similar)...and are trying to get the best deal possible.

    I do a lot of repairs on the many computers I have & purchase broken or partially operable...and I usually try to stick with exact replacement there are no surprise compatibility issues.

    If you want to do some further you can cross reference part numbers vs. computer models...these websites may be of some help:

    - Powerbookmedic
    - iFixit

    If you find that the same exact display part number is used over multiple MacBook models...then you should have the compatibility info you need.

    - Nick
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