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Thread: Easy install??

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    Easy install??
    Hello All,

    I have just bought a belkin high speed mode wireless G router and I am trying to install it on a friend's MAC OS system. Note I am not familiar at all with MAC and in the installation guide it states that I need to run the "Easy Install EXE" using Easy Install OS 9 or for Mac OS X users using the Easy Install OSX.dmg.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any of those application on his laptop. Can you please help me wrt above.

    Many thanks.



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    I didn't have to install any software on my Mac to get my wireless router to work. It just works. You may have to go to the manufacturers web site and download the .dmg file from another computer and burn it to a disk if you can't connect the Mac.

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    it should be on the CD that came in the box, if not just type in the IP address of the router once you have connected it to the mac via the ethernet cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by inflexion
    it should be on the CD that came in the box, if not just type in the IP address of the router once you have connected it to the mac via the ethernet cable

    Thanks. There is the AutoSet Up and the Manual Setup. I wanted to have the Autosetp up mode, i.e. run the CD on the MAC OS (note my friend has upgraded to the tiger version), and unfortunately when I am trying to run the Easy install.exe file, it is asking me with which application I want to run this file. Since I am not familiar at all with MAC OS, I am finding it quite a challenge to do that!

    It does suggest a Easy Install .dmg of MAC OS X as suggested by tiger in the previous reply, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find any such file on the belkin website yet!

    Anymore suggestions/help.

    Many thanks.

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    .exe files are for Windows, you can't run them on Macs.
    Most router manufacturers don't make install software for Macs, mainly becuse you don't need any. Just plug it in and it works.
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