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    MS Office for Mac
    Already have Numbers and Pages, but primarily use MS Office (Windows) at work. I usually take home excel and word files to finish up at home, but compatibility issues frequently arise when trying to convert to one or another. I have a windows laptop that I use so I could work at home but would like to to be able to stay with my Mac. Can anybody shed some light on Office for Mac or maybe Open Office?
    I have a mid-2010 mac mini with 8gigs of ram, 1TB hard drive and using mountain lion.

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    OpenOffice will have the same compatibility issues you have with your existing Apple apps.

    Office for Mac is a great product. more stable than the Windows counterpart. There are no compatibility issues as all Office functionality is present. I have been using it since I got a Mac in 2011 and will always recommend it to people who have to share Office files with others who are on Windows.

    your machine is plenty to run Office for Mac.
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    If you need perfect compatibility, you need to use the same product. Otherwise, as you've experienced, you're dealing with products that "try their best" without having access to the actual product that they're trying to support. So, as Deckyon suggested, if compatibility is perfect required, use Office.
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    Ask the boss to spring for Office 2011 as you are taking work home to do after hours. Not an unreasonable request.
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    Jul 23, 2013
    Mid 2010 Mac Mini - Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz - 8GB ram - 1TB HDD, iPad Air 32G, iPhone 5s16G
    Thanks for the responses guys, ill go with office and I will definitely ask my DM to reimburse me or put it on his expense account.
    Thanks again.

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    I too have MS Office for Mac, and it is more stable than on a Windows machine, and has full compatibility with ....well, with itself (either version - Windows or Mac). You can edit a file on a PC, let's say, and then open it on your Mac, edit it, and send it to someone else.
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