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    Epson R220 CD printer....
    Just purchased iMac intel duo core desktp and got this printer for CD's. No driver. Apple says call Epson. Epson says Apple has not updated configuration for this driver for CD printing since coming out with the Intel chip - should be later this year. (I was able to download the driver from Epson but it doesn't work for CD printing on my Mac - printing paper docs works fine).

    Does anyone have any info on this? It would seem that the driver would be there with all the hundreds of others in the Mac. After all, this printer isn't exactly a recent model. Thanks.

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    I have the R200 version of that printer. Aside from the Intel/driver issue since you say it prints regular paper fine, are you certain you are not simply selecting the correct paper type for CD printing? I use the Epson Print CD that came with the printer (in addition to having had some troubles with the driver myself even though I have a PPC Mac) and recall having to initially select "CD/DVD" as the paper type in the Print setting -> Media type drop down menus. Once that was done, it has printed more than one hundred CDs flawlessly. I would assume that Rosetta would handle the issues of translating the PPC code for the Epson PrintCD app and the driver.

    However this Intel thing might put a bit of a crimp in getting your printer to work since it could be that printer drivers are 'close enough to the hardware' that the processor change would render the printer crippled until Epson releases new drivers.

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    Unhappy epson r220 driver
    hi forum this is my first really having trouble trying to set up my epson R220 printer, i have done everything by the book to download the driver but everytime i go to print i cant find it in my printer setup utility (epson usb) the only thing i can find for it is in the dropdown menu of the printer list (usb)with a question mark on the icon saying i have no driver installed, hope you guys(and girls) can help as im at my wits end

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    I know this thread is old, but I use DiscLabel from SmileOnMyMac for printing CDs in OS X:
    Mac Sites - down for reconstruction

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