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Thread: Words to JPEG format

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    Words to JPEG format
    I have to prepare a talk with pictures and word slides, but the restriction is that I must use only JPEG which is OK for images, but I cannot find any way of creating JPEG word filled slides in my Macbook Pro (Mountain Lion). On my PC I could use powerpoint to create a slide into PDF then read the PDF and re-save into JPEG. On Mac I cannot find any way of doing that either in PAGES or KEYNOTE.
    Can anyone advise, please.

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    I'm not sure if this will be any help...but some printers/scanners scan all (Word, pdf's, etc) documents to a computer as JPEGs. My Epson WF3540 does such. If you have a printer/scanner, check with its "features".

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    Using Pages, create the words document, then print (not really, just choose the print menu). There will be an option to print to a PDF file. Use Preview as Raz0rEdge suggested to convert the PDF to JPEG. Actually, the print trick will work with anything that prints, as long as it leads to the print menu.

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    I've done the following a few times where I needed quite a few jpegs.
    Just take screen shots and have them auto saved as a jpeg.

    You'll need to open the Terminal app and type the following:

    defaults write type jpg
    killall SystemUIServer
    You can then use whatever text editor you want and take a screenshot of the area you want.

    To change it back to the default, which is png - you would type the same thing in Terminal again, changing the jpg to png.
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    Thanks everyone.
    I have not used Preview before so will try that. It sounds good.

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