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    Where can I buy broken Macbooks or Mac Pros?
    I'm a computer IT in training. My boss and I have already fixed a couple of Apple products and so I thought about finding broken Macs/Macbooks for sell and fixing them up for profit (I very well might keep one myself ). Obviously, since these computers aren't for my personal use, I don't care what specs they have, as long as they're only a few years old or newer. If anyone thinks this is too risky, please let me know. I'm open minded, this was just an idea of mine. I don't have much experience with the flipping market. Thanks!

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    Best place would probably be eBay or maybe even Craig's list. Lots of broken Macs on eBay, give that a try first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Best place would probably be eBay or maybe even Craig's list. Lots of broken Macs on eBay, give that a try first.
    No dedicated websites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro_id View Post
    No dedicated websites?
    Not that I'm aware of. didn't mention your budget. You mentioned that you wanted these non-working Mac's to be "3 years old or newer". I hope that you don't think that you're going to buy these non-working computers for "peanuts"...and sell them for "big bucks".

    This isn't the way things work in the "Macintosh World". Mac's aren't cheap to buy new or used...and Mac parts aren't cheap. So even non-working Mac's are worth a fair amount of money just for parts. Add to this computers that are only 3 years old or newer.

    Many times...the amount of money you have to pay for the non-working computer + replacement parts will cost more than the computer is worth when it is working 100%.

    Commonly... the part that isn't working in Mac laptops or iMacs is the logic board. And in many cases...replacement logic boards cost around $500. So $500 + the cost of the non-working computer + your the amount of $$$ you're going to have invest...with no guarantees the repaired computer will sell for more than the bucks you have invested in it.

    It's the high cost of Mac replacement parts + the relatively high residual value of a non-working Mac computer...that makes this sort of project/business venture...a difficult one to profit at.

    If this sort of thing was that easy...everybody would be doing it.

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