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    step-by-step help transferring mac to windows
    Hello all...

    I have been a mac user for many years, and have a new windows computer as well.

    I am going to sell my older mac pro (4-core) 10.4.11 with tons of music production software in it, however I have a lot of personal files (emails, my book files, lots of music files etc).that I want to store for a future imac.

    The issue is that I cannot open my cd drawer!! There does not seem to be a paper-clip hole to use...and whenever I press the arrow key to open it...just a little whirring sound and then nothing... also the 'eject' button is greyed out in the finder...

    SO! I was hoping to get step-by-step, COMPLETE instructions on how I might be able to access my files on the mac, through my new Gateway windows 7 computer, AND MAKE A DVD/CD OF IT ALL..... I have done some looking around but I found some info using Leopard, good...

    If I can get this accomplished I will feel very proud of myself as it seems like a complex deal....

    Anyone can make it simple for me??? the only thing I understand is that both computers are in the default 'workgroup'-named workgroup...but that does nothing for me!

    Thanks in advance for any help...

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    Maybe you could use an ext hdd formated will have limitations, though.

    FAT32 (File Allocation Table)
    - Natively read/write FAT32 on Windows and Mac OS X.
    - Maximum file size: 4GB
    - Maximum volume size: 2TB

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