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Thread: Can Macs and PCs work together?

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    Can Macs and PCs work together?
    I'm considering buying a laptop. A friend of mine suggested I look at powerbooks. I have a pc that I've built from scratch and I'm very comfortable with. However, while using hers i developed an appreciation for its simplicty and its funcitonality. What comes down to is just that, how funcitonial is it? Or more specifically can macs and PCs work together? Can I type a doc on one and transfer it to the other? If I use MS publisher can I carry a file from one to the other? What are my limitations with using both systems?


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    file sharing is easy to do the only problem that you may have is having the correct application that you need for your files on the mac

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    Files usually transfer fine from a Windows Computer to a Mac. You need to learn to work with standards, too. Make PDF's when possible and use a mpg file instead of that dreaded WMV (which isn't really a problem either).

    But as long your Windows Porgram has a Mac Counterpart, Files will work fine. In fact, using Office for Mac is even nicer than on Windows, and there really aren't any issues (can't even think of one right now - what SHOULDN'T work???!!!)

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    They work fine together, although don't be suprised if you get rid of your windows system. When i switched I had windows systems and one powerbook... now i have a bunch of macs and one dell (which I soon hope to goo aswell)
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    your only issue is publisher. no mac counterpart.. sorry..
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