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    Player/Burner for IMAC late 2012?
    I am really frustrated with my Imac late 2012 without burner nor DVD player capabilities! I am finally trying to figure out what additional equipment I need to buy and need some advice, please. Ideally, I would like a combo of the two. I have only seen BluRay players + burner. At this time I'm not excited about BluRay, so really don't need that aspect. Are there any "regular" combos anyone would suggest? Otherwise, which products would FORUM members suggest for me to buy- DVD/CD burner and CD DVD player? Appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf. LosFrijoles~

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    Any of them should work. Would suggest, however, that you go to OWC. At least there you know they've been tested with OS X. And the B-R burners are also going to burn CDs and DVDs. Haven't gone shopping for one lately, but with the cost of drives, it may be getting harder to find one that does not include B-R capabilities. Or at least you're not really going to save much money buying one that doesn't do B-R.

    (And there is no need, nor is it proper forum etiquette to ask the same question in multiple threads. Thanks.)
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    Why not just buy the Apple USB Superdrive?

    Apple USB SuperDrive - Apple Store (U.S.)
    Works perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GraceGuitars View Post
    Why not just buy the Apple USB Superdrive?
    Not a bad idea...except the OWC product costs $30 less ($49 vs. $79). But the Apple drive is prettier!

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