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    Financing for a new iMac :)
    Hey all, basically, I'm after buying the new imac 27inch

    But i dont have all the money up front, do apple offer like a pay monthly scheme?

    if so, what does this entail, like do i get the imac straight away and then pay every month ? (like a mobile phone contract)

    whats the interest rate like? is it 0% for students or something like that?

    Finally, what upgrades do you recommend i get (I've been using macbooks for years, and im not used to all this high power an imac has to offer!)

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    Since we are a worldwide internet forum (and since your Mac-Forums profile doesn't say your location) would probably be best to mention your location...since this sort of thing may differ by location.

    For example...things may differ whether you are in North America, the UK, Australia, etc.

    I found this in about 2 seconds via an internet search:

    Consumer Finance

    - Nick
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    Haha sorry Nick, yeah i'm from the UK

    Thanks for finding that link for me

    What upgrades do you think i should get with the imac?

    Is it easy to upgrade it yourself like the macbook ? or should i just spend the extra money and get it already done for me ?

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    Memory is upgradeable quite easily in the 27" iMac so do not pre-order from Apple. Hard drives are a different story as iMacs are difficult to get into and come with firmware heat sensors. Suggest not purchasing the 21" model as memory is not user upgradable and the hard drive is only a 2.5" 5400 rpm unit.

    Here in Australia Apple offer payment plans through a local finance house. Check out Apple refurbs UK to save afew hundred and see if this service is available. Look for the 2012 release models:-
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    The only thing you can upgrade easily on the 27" iMac once you receive it is the memory. Doing any other upgrade requires you to take the iMac apart..

    So for things like SSD or HDD, or Fusion or upgraded CPU and so on, the easiest thing is to get the upgrade during order time..
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    Get the best you can afford on the CPU and GPU, I'd suggest the Fusion Drive for the storage (external storage can be handled by TB so in my view that's a non-issue).

    The thing about financing however is that if you miss a payment or are slow in paying, you will get EATEN ALIVE by interest rate penalties. Financing is a great option if you are sure you can pay it off early (ideally) or at least by the end of the required time (and before the machine loses significant value). It's a TERRIBLE option if you're not very disciplined and/or aren't 100% absolutely certain you'll have significant income in the months ahead.

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