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    Thunderbolt port issue on mac mini server

    I have a mac mini server with OS X version 10.8.4
    I have 2 Acer monitors 1 is connected to the HDMI port and the second one is connected to the thunderbolt port, both monitors were working just fine as but all of the sudden the second one, the one connected to the thunderbolt port stopped working, monitor is not getting any signal from the computer. I have tested monitor and cable and they both work ok in a second mac mini server that I have with the same configuration.
    It looks like the thunderbolt port is disabled or something
    I have compared the 2 computers on the system report feature and they both look the same
    Can someone please advise me on this?

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    Have you looked at System Preferences, Displays to see what may be different between the two machines? Do you have any other thunderbolt devices to check the port? Does the Acer monitor have any ports to which devices can be attached to see if they get through to the mini?

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    Aug 06, 2013
    Thanks for the response.
    yes, I have checked and compared the Displays option under system preferences but the only difference is that on the other computer has a dialog window on each monitor and mine only the on the one that works, other than that I dont see any option to enable or disable my second monitor.
    I have no other devices to connect to check the port other that the other monitor from the other mac mini and I have tried them already. Now if I connect the second monitor to the computer via a usb display adapter it works ok.

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