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Thread: 2nd gen nano pics

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    2nd gen nano pics
    hello there.
    I have an annoying little problem that hopefully someone can help me with. I've had this 2nd gen nano forever & love the thing. Never had a prob with it, love the size & shape, it does everything i expect it to plus it was a gift from my mom, so i just plain love the thing. Anyway, MY prob is that i would like to sync it to my current itunes library, but there are photos on the nano that no longer exist anywhere else. After much research & many attempts I've been unable to sync w/o entirely erasing the nano contents, pics included. I realize that the pic files on the nano are small, but they're better than not having them. I also realize that i could just keep the nano how it is, but i'm getting really tired of the music on it & prefer to use the nano for music over my iPhone when i'm out & about. If you happen to know of a relatively uncomplicated way of saving these pics so I can sync the nano w/new music I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!

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    iExplorer should do the trick.

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