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Thread: Itunes Store Wishlist Problem

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    Aug 03, 2013
    Itunes Store Wishlist Problem
    I was wonering if anybody knows what is wrong with the Itunes Store Wish list I have 18 songs on my Wish list but it don have the buy it all button on the right like it had.. Not sure if it is a glitch or not? Thanks

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    Are you sure you're signed into your account?

    It might be a glitch (a screenshot would help determine) but another issue is that sometimes artists or companies remove songs from the iTunes Store for a while or permanently due to licensing or just on a seeming whim.

    This could be what has happened in your case. I just added a couple of songs to my wish list and they have buy buttons next to them.

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    Aug 03, 2013
    yes i was logged in

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