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    Screen Display Problem IMAC-24"
    I feel I am in the right forum although I have had this Imac since 2009 because over those years, I've only used what I needed too, not knowing until recently how much I do have and much a powerhouse this computer is. But, that's for another discussion. On to my problem.

    I am experiencing screen display resizing itself from full screen to an approximate size of 70/80% of it's size. This happens randomly but at every session and often enough to be a nuisance.
    Getting the screen back to its original size is a simple matter. Click the mouse, head for the top of the screen to depress the enlargement button located at the top of each page and sometimes just moving the cursor will return the screen to full size. These three random efforts are all effective. However, the problem persist!
    Additionally, the screen, while in this shrunken size is ringed with a blue border across all it's sides.
    I was thinking of backing up my computer and to reinstall from scratch. I hesitate thinking that there might be a better way.

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    Is it the entire screen that is resizing or a window in the screen? Does the menubar move with the screen into the smaller size or does it stay at the top?
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    The whole screen. When in the shrunken mode it's all in that 80% bordered with a blue line and the rest of it black.

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    Next time this happens, can you take a screen shot of this "enlargement button" and post it here?

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