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Thread: Animated Gifs

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    Animated Gifs

    I have had this problem for the longest time now and I can never know what's causing the problem. If I go to one of the meme websites to watch some animated gifs, each gif takes a very long time to load the first time, and once it's finished and started looping, then it goes to normal speed.

    I tried to do some research on other websites and I found that many other people are facing the same problem. Sadly I couldn't get a straight answer.

    Internet speed is 8mbps. Now this may sound low but it actually is enough to stream hd videos.

    OS X version 10.8.4
    Processor is 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory is 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    I mainly use google chrome for browsing. It is version 28 so it's up to date.

    Now I probably mentioned everything except for the necessary stuff. So please let me know what else you need to know and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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    Um ... that's the way animated GIFs work. They load, then you watch them.

    Is your question "why aren't these loading faster?" If so, that's handled by the site that is hosting them, and your Internet speed has nearly nothing to do with it.

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    It takes around 40-50 seconds to load a 6 seconds gif and it happens to me on nearly every website.

    I tried reddit, google plus, memebase. All of them take forever to load just a short gif.

    I'm not sure if i'm using the right words here I am probably confusing you by using the wrong words. When i say load, i mean complete the first loop.

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    Yes, I've seen this happen as well. The reason is because most pages that have animated GIFs have DOZENS of them (sometimes HUNDREDS) and they are ALL trying to load simultaneously. So they stutter horribly as they all try to load at the same time and spike your processor. Once they finally do, then they work fine more or less.

    Bottom line: animated GIF = stupid format.

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    So basically the best solution for laggy animated gifs is to stop looking at gifs. I would usualy say no but damn gifs are annoying so i'm going with yes. Thanks a lot man

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