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    Desktop icons disappear when mail is open and then return when mail is closed
    When trying to learn how to select several e-mails to save or delete, I did something unknowingly that 1) put the mail drop-downs above the inbox, so I must point above the inbox to have those drop-sown reappear and 2) puts the desktop and any open files somewhere--hiding behind the e-mail, I think, because the appear immediately once I close e-mail.

    This is not what I want! I have 2 monitors, an iMac running Mountain Lion and am using (6.5)

    Any advice out there to get things back to normal--so the mail drop-downs and the desktop are not hidden?

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    1) right click on the top bar of Mail and select whichever you want to view instead of the 'Hide Toolbar'.

    2) don't understand what you're explaining
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    CL, what OS version do you have? (Are you using Spaces or Mission Control?)

    Always include this ^ information with a question. (Not necessarily this ^)

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