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    Setting up a second Apple computer
    I have an iMac, iPhone and iPad. I just got a used, wiped MacBook from a relative and I'm in the process of setting it up. Got it easily hooked into our home network and syncing to iCloud. Now on the process of installing Mountain Lion. I see from iTunes that I can install several of the apps I bought for the iMac, so obviously they can be installed to more than one computer that I own. What issues should I be aware of in using two Apple computers?

    One is that I use iTunes on my iMac in automatic mode for syncing my music, not manual, so I don't want to let either of my iDevices sync to the laptop, I presume?
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    There's no issues that I'm aware of. Apps purchased from the Mac App Store can be downloaded and used on any compatible Mac you own (though you need to remember to REMOVE those apps from any Macs before you sell/give a Mac to someone else; they are tied to your iTunes account and can't be updated without your iTunes password).

    Since you sync your iDevices to the iMac, you should continue to sync them to the iMac and not to the new machine. You can sync the iTunes libraries of the two machines and then change to syncing the devices from the MacBook if you wanted, since its all your music under your iTunes ID.

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