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    Wink Newbie question...excel sheet to pdf
    Hey guys and girls, please help me not punch my Mac? I cannot figure out how to save an excel sheet as a pdf...I am brand new to Mac and super frustrated right now!?

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    What version of Excel are you running?
    I have the 2011 version and it is as simple as going to "Save as..."
    and then there is a drop down list and you just select "PDF"

    Hope that helps?

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    First, when you post to a forum to ask a question always include specifications about which Mac you have and what version of OS X you're running. That information can assist us in helping you.

    When you select the "Print" option for your Excel spreadsheet, you should see a PDF option with a small arrow at the bottom of your print dialog. Clicking on the small arrow will bring forth several PDF choices, one of which is "save".

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    Both of the methods above work with every version of MS Office that I am aware of (and every other program that can print as well!).

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