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    safari not loading pages
    snow leopard here. safari (5.1.9) is stumbling when loading pages....particularly google maps and street view......the yellow man is greyed out and nothing happens. if i apple-N eventually i get a new page to open.....but who wants to spend their time doing that??
    no problem on my partner's macbook air (ML).....nor is there a problem with google chrome or firefox. i've scoured other forums for answers. i've reset safari (which lost all my bookmarks). fortunately got them back through time now i just have safari being rubbish.
    i downloaded newer version.....but when i tried to install it it said it would only work on ML....and then i had to go back and install the older version (why don't they tell you that when you download it??).
    thank you all you lovely clever people......i hope i can reciprocate some day

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    Same Problem
    I use Frontier DSL Ultimate and I'm having a similar problem. Safari will load some site fine and others won't load at all, and some partially. Frontier had me change the DNS servers to Google's, and maybe that helps some. Chrome seems maybe a little better. I'm using SL on a Mid 2009 MBP. It's like there's a problem with the Internet. When on the phone with the tech, we checked ping and some other things and the speed of the connection is fine. Strange. I also ran ONYX, but it didn't help.

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    Have you tried re-install flash? (Assuming streetview still uses Flash in that version of Safari. It certainly does on older browsers).

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