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    When read or delete emails on my I Pad 4 it does not do the same om my mac, how do i set them up so that what ever i do on one it does the same on the other. I am using a pop account.

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    The basic problem is that you're using a POP account, which was designed to be read on one machine. This is why everyone has moved to IMAP, which is designed to be read on multiple devices.

    There are two solutions to your problem:

    1. You can configure your POP account to hold on to the email on the server for "x" number of days, which gives you time to download it again on the second device. On the second device, you can instruct it to delete the POP mail from the server once retrieved, so that you're not endlessly re-downloading the same mail. However, this won't solve the problem of syncing the mail, it just lets you access it for a period of time on both machines.

    2. Forward your POP account to an iCloud, GMail, Yahoo, AOL or other IMAP provider. Problem solved.

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    Thanks Chas, Sorry but I am an Oldie, so how do i carry out your suggestion No.2

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    In most cases it would go something like this:

    1. Set up a free IMAP account with one of the providers mentioned.
    2. Using your web browser, log into your ISP's POP webmail service and go to the preferences and tell it to forward all email to your new IMAP account.
    3. If you use a mail client like Mail, delete the POP accounts and just add the new IMAP account. Let people know that you've changed addresses and what will happen over time is people will more or less automatically begin using the IMAP address more and the POP account less.

    You can keep the POP account indefinitely but another advantage of an IMAP account like iCloud/GMail/etc is that if you change providers your email address stays the same. I've had my account for well over a decade, and have changed ISPs several times during that period but have never had to change my email address.

    And another advantage: a lot of POP providers like most ISPs block you from sending out email when you are travelling/away from home (anti-spam measure). Not a problem for IMAP accounts/national providers.

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