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    Keyboard Problem, Tiger 10.4.11
    I have a older I-Mac running Tiger 10.4.11. My keyboard went bad went to the apple store, they gave me a free new keyboard. None of the F-keys work how they should. I tried going into keyboard shortcuts and tried to reassign them but not having any luck. Any Ideas ??

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    The new wired Apple Keyboards are not compatible with Tiger or Leopard. You need at least Snow Leopard 10.6.X in order to use it. And since your machine is an older iMac - possibly a PPC, it can't run Snow Leopard. You need to look for an older Apple wired keyboard or just buy a cheap USB keyboard instead.

    If your iMac is an Intel iMac, upgrade to Snow Leopard ($19.99 from Apple) and then the keyboard will work normally.

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