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    split screen on a macBook Pro
    I always use 2 monitors when working at home on the Mac Book Pro. I am traveling. Is there a way to split my one screen on the pro?
    In case it matters...I want to watch Netflix and write a word document simultaneously.

    While an answer to this question isn't life altering it certainly would give me the opportunity to come closer to having the creature comforts of home.


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    Either manually re-size each window to half the screen or you could grab Window Magnet to have a sort of Win7 auto snap to size function.
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    BetterTouchTool (free/donationware) and Cinch (pay-for) also imitate the window snap features of Windows 7.
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    Given that your screen is 16:9, this isn't going to work well. You can certainly arrange a window to have one app in a vertical window and the other app in a vertical window, each taking up half the screen. As a cinephile and occasional filmmaker, I can only imagine how completely awful and distorted that must look on the Netflix side.

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