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Thread: Desktop is locked up

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    Desktop is locked up
    HI, My name is Craig

    I have an iMAC, Yesterday I was trying to delete 4000 photos from a SD card. I selected all of the photos and as I was dragging the photos from the SD Card (reader) towards the Trash Bin, I accidentally released the mouse button before the Trash Bin was selected, so then the computer has been trying to save all those photos onto the Desktop. I can not do anything with the desktop now, or even delete those photos from the desktop. I THINK i have tried everything???.

    I have partitioned my Hard Drive in the past so I use Bootcamp and I added Windows, so I can run a flight simulator program on my iMac. Im not sure if my Hard drive is too small now, causing the desktop to lock up while it tries to complete the download.

    Also I just tried to restore my hard drive but each time it says that my Bootcamp Drive and mac hard drive are in locked mode.

    How do I get all those dang photos off my desktop so I can use the computer again?

    Thanks In Advance.

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    It's probably still trying to do the copy hence the lockup. You might have to wait it out.
    Can you open a Terminal? Anything else on the desktop?
    In Terminal:
    cd ~/Desktop
    ~ is your Home folder - Desktop is (duh) the Desktop.
    If there's NOTHING ELSE but the photos there:
    rm *.jpg
    This will delete ALL files ending in .jpg
    If the photos have another extension, use that.
    Ex: rm *.jpeg
    Be careful! Something like rm *.* will delete EVERYTHING in the Desktop folder.

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    I can't help you with your present issue, but for future reference: that kind of error happens a lot, so a safer method to copy files I've found is to simply select the items you want from the origin disk and then select Copy from the edit menu. Open a window on the target device, navigate to where you want the files to go, then Paste. No dragging.

    Likewise, to move to Trash you'd just select the files, right-click on one of them and choose "Move to Trash."

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