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    Question How can I get the Education discount for a Mac?
    I'm buying a new Macbook 13 Retina in a few days and I want to get that awesome Apple Store experience buying a new computer there so help me out! There is a educational discount on the computers and its $100 off FOR SCHOOL STAFF MEMBERS and neither my parents or I work at a school. Im sure if you just select that online they dont even check too see if you are but as i said i wasnt very interested in ordering it online.
    My question is, if i go into the apple store and say that we want that school staff discount, will they ask to see any ID for proof that my parents work at a school?

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    You expect us to teach you how to cheat? Seriously?

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    I'm assuming you are young so I'm going to overlook the fact that you are asking us to help you commit fraud, a criminal act that could land you in a lot of trouble and us in jail.

    You can't get the school staff discount. They check online sales, and they will ask for proof at a store. End of story.

    I have a feeling you don't understand how much trouble you could get into by trying to commit that kind of fraud. Let's just say you wouldn't end up saving any money to put it mildly.

    If you're going to join the Apple community, here's an important rule I hope you will learn: we pay for what we use. That's not to say we don't bargain-hunt, but we stick to the rules. Particularly on this forum.

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    'nuff said - thread is closed.
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