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    I have a Dropbox account but I only access it online because I have a second dropbox account through work that I use and you can't have two on your computer. (I did not know that when I paid for a year of extra space).

    Any way I had someone color correct about 60 images for me and upload them to my dropbox account online. Now I can't get them to download. I have plenty of space on my iMac. I tried at work too on a Mac Pro but had the same issue. I can't tell if it is still downloading either.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Sorry I do not know what a Trackback is

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    You can't have multiple ones loading into the client. No one would ever buy extra storage!

    The images - Have they definitely finished uploading? If the links been shared before the upload is complete you'll see file names but you would be able to download them.

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