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Thread: Restoring partially deleted Notes

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    Restoring partially deleted Notes
    I accidentally deleted part of the text of a Note on my iPone. Because I use iCloud to sync to my iPad and iMac, that part of the Note was also deleted there.

    I can't see how to restore that particular Note from my TimeMachine back ups.

    Any help gratefully received.

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    Threads merged - please don't cross post the same question to multiple forums..

    Time Machine would only come to play here if you happened to have made a backup of your iPhone when the note was intact and if so, that backup image would be on Time Machine which you can restore and then choose to restore your iPhone back to that particular image (realizing that you will lose anything you've done since that backup on your iPhone)..

    On the other hand, if you do not have a backup of your iPhone, then there is no Time Machine backup copy to restore and since iCloud is all you have, all of the devices have the same content and thus you are out of luck on restoring the missing text..

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    Many thanks.

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