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    Thunderbolt to Firewire connect
    Migrating my old G5 iMac to the new i5 iMac and hope to use a firewire cable to do so. Does anyone know the protocol in connecting these machines?

    The old Firewire protocol was to make the cable connection from the active to inactive machine and then start the inactive machine with Control-T pressed until the firewire logo appears on the started machine screen, putting it in disc mode to enable file transfers.

    Is the process identicial or simlar with Thunderbolt to Firewire connection?

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    Apple has a support article about this that completes the process using Migration Assistant. It talks about using Firewire or Thunderbolt but should work for what you want to do.

    If that does not work try the method in post #2 here.
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    Thanks, this answers the question and for all of you other G3/G4/G5 users out there with OS 10..4x and earlier, switching to new Mac's (ML 8.xx is now installed), here is the bottom line on transfering files:

    "Migration from Mac OS X Tiger v10.4 to OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 or later

    Migrating from OS X Tiger v10.4 to OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 or later is not supported and is not expected to complete via Migration Assistant. For upgrades from OS X Tiger or older to OS X Mountain Lion or later, you can make a standard file sharing connection and manually copy your files. Recommended folders to transfer from your Home folder on the old computer to the new computer are:

    Copy these folders and any others you'd like to transfer to the same locations on the new computer. For more information regarding file sharing in OS X, see Mac Basics - File sharing. Note: Copying any data files from your user Library folder to the new computer could have unexpected results. "

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