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    time machine
    I am a new time machine user. Why is my applications folder empty in the back up. I want to back up my applications as well.

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    Is it possible you excluded it from being backed up? By default, Time Machine backs up EVERYTHING and does not exclude anything on the boot drive.

    Perhaps you are actually looking at the /Users/(you)/Applications folder? This is normally empty on both your drive and on any backups (of course).

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    I think chas_m is right. On a regular OS X installation there are multiple Applications folders. One at the root level of the drive and one inside each users User (Home) folder. When checking the backup make sure you are looking in the Applications folder at the root level of the drive.
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    Jun 10, 2013
    time machine
    I am a new Time Machine user. My applications folder is empty in the back up. I would like to back up my apps in this fodler. Does any know the answer to this one? Thanks

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    Do you want to be able to restore your system in case your hard drive dies from the Time Machine backup? Can only say, do not play with that backup. e.g. hands off if you want it to work.

    My guess is that you are looking at the Applications folder in your users home folder in the backup and not the root Applications folder. Almost all apps will be in the root folder, not the users home folder.
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    Do not cross post. You were already give the answer to your question when you posted in the Switcher forum. Why post the same thing again? Note that your question again was answered in the same way.

    I merged everything together here. Again, do not cross post.

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