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    How to delete the Google Drive App?
    I have deleted my account with Google Plus, which included removing my access to all their "services", including Google Drive. Unfortunately, I had downloaded the G. Drive app for my mac mini, and it activates when I start up the computer each day. When I attempt to send it to the trash I get a message that it is open and can't be trashed; nothing appears to allow me to close it, and I haven't been able to find any way to close it on my own. I tried Google's help info but it assumes I still have the Google Drive in my tool menu, which I don't. I tried disconnecting my mac from the network, but it still behaves the same. At this point I'm really sorry I ever got entangled with Google. Can anyone help me get this app removed? Please?


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    Just so you don't go getting rid of something you might use, you can still use google drive without google+. It sounds like you've deleted your google account rather than just google+ if that's not the case for you.

    That aside, go to settings - Accounts - login items for your user and remove google drive.
    Now you'll be able to drag the google drive application from Applications to the trash
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    All you need to do is Click the Google Drive icon in your computer's toolbar .
    From the drop-down menu, select Preferences.
    When the Google Drive Preferences window opens, choose Disconnect account.
    After you've confirmed disconnecting your account, open the Applications folder and move the Google Drive icon to your trash. Once in the trash, goto the Google Drive folder and drag that to the trash as well.

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    Thank you, mrplow! Deleting it out of startups did allow me to trash the app. :-)

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