Hi there, I have a Intel Dual Core Imac which replaced a G5 Imac. I have been wanting to get some extra memory for it so started looking in the usual places here in the UK.

It seems though nigh on impossible to get anything for these machines, then i found that crucial was stocking them. I popped onto the Crucial website only to find that after going through the memory selecter there was none in stock. I range the freephone number only to be told they were expected today.

I had though out of curiosity been popping onto the site regularly and am shocked byt he price wobbling up and down. The 1GB of ram started off at 83.99, then over the last week it has gone up to a shocking 124.99.

Now I know memory prices do fluctuate but really can they justify a hike of 41.00, is this the same on the Euro and US Crucial memory site?

I have also looked into Kingston and they are going at around 90.00 mark but again not in stock????