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    Macbook getting sex ads with firefox
    Recently, I have been getting sex pop-up ads when using my macbook. I exclusivity use firefox for surfing the web. It is not one particular type of sex ad, it is a bunch of different ones and they randomly pop-up along the left hand side of the screen and on the bottom of the screen in a tool bar. They all have x on them, so I can close them. But they just keep coming back. I am not sure if I have downloaded something. I have scanned my macbook with iAntivirus, and it never finds anything. What can I do to stop these ads?

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    I only use Safari so do not know the FF security or privacy preferences, but try Adblock

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    I say this without judgment - you've likely gone to either a shady website or a pornographic one. It's possible that one of them has left a little treat for you. A simple way to start cleaning this up would be to clear out any saved data. To do this, go to History > Clear Recent History > Details > make sure everything is checked > set the time range to some point before this started happening > Clear Now.
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    And, as we've pointed out repeatedly here, so-called "anti-virus" programs do absolutely nothing except tell you you haven't got one. This issue sounds like either a cookie problem, or ad tracking.

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    Check your add-ons. Make sure you haven't picked something up you don't want.
    +1 for Adblock Plus
    Might want to look into BetterPrivacy and Ghostery too.
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