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    I am new to the world of Mac, so please be patient, I have used PC's for many years, and have a great amount of programs that are not Apple compatible, I have noticed on a Mac blog that there are programs for using Win programs on Apple, I have downloaded a trial of Crossover and am still getting my feet wet, I now have seen another program called Parallel , before I get over my head are these programs any good? If so would someone help a Mac newbie and tell which is the better of the two, or is there a better one? T.I.A., Jim

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    Welcome to the Mac forums and the world of Macs!

    I currently have "Crossover" installed which I use to run several Windows programs. Crossover will not run everything and is actually very selective about what it can install and run. It depends on what you have that you need to run.

    Crossover will run MS Office for Windows, some games but not those that are graphic intensive. You need to go to their website and take a look at the list of programs that it can run.

    Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox are virtual machine applications. Which means they can run other operating systems and their applications virtually. (In a virtual machine as it's called.) Parallels and Fusion are pay ware while VirtualBox is free.

    There is also the Boot Camp Assistant which can setup your Mac in a dual boot configuration to run either Windows 7 or 8. Older Macs may be able to run XP or Vista but newer Macs are limited to 7 or 8.

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    My recommendation is to (at least temporarily) put aside the Windows programs and get to know your Mac. You will quickly find that there is very little you "need" Windows for most of the time, and will learn how to use your computer far faster and far better than by relying on the system you knew as a crutch.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies, Jim.

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    I should clarify that I added my post only because chscag covered the "Windows on Mac" options so well.

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