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Thread: Found a keystroke tracker I think

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    Dec 01, 2011
    Found a keystroke tracker I think
    I just noticed a spreadsheet that seems to have been open and running that is tracking all my keystrokes in Chrome. Not safari.
    I don't see any new software or downloads. We have small kids so it isn't them. My husband isn't super savvy on the Mac. Is this some weird Mac setting? The spreadsheet (excel which I run in parallels) says it was created this morning. It wasn't hidden.

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    How is this spreadsheet tracing your keystrokes? What kind of information does it contain? Frankly, if an application claims to be a keystroke logger, it should do it's work in a covert manner and not dump stuff to an open Excel spreadsheet, and within a VM a boot..

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    Dec 01, 2011
    After digging around I don't think it is software either - it is saving it in an excel workbook.
    It has my status and comments I posted on Facebbok, a review I wrote on Angie's list, and comments I made on an Internet forum.
    Once I saved the spreadsheet it seems to ave stopped tracking.
    The word it starts at is the "s" at the end of thanks - so I wonder if I turned something on with the K - if I hit another key simultaneously or some thing.
    And my husband was on the Internet before me and it only starts with the "thanks" that I typed

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    Have you tried just shutting down the VM, or closing Excel on the VM? It's possible somehow the VM is attached to the keyboard, the spreadsheet is open, so keystrokes on the machine are beingmirrored to the VM, and into the spreadsheet. You didn't say what you were using for the VM , but if you can shut the VM down and stop the VM host, that may kill the process that is in play.

    EDIT: I missed that you said Parallels. So try stopping the VM, then shut down Parallels and see if that kills the phenomenon.

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