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    Iphoto on time machine
    So, I just reformated my old pc external hard drive to the mac format. I did a backup with time machine. When I open up my photos via my external hard drive on iphoto (simply clicking on my hard drive and going to photos, and i photo - the pictures seemed to instantly download - and I wanted to be sure I was simply not opening them up on my internal hard drive and indeed did have a backed up copy.

    Another reason I ask this is that I plan on having two external harddrives and making two copies of each photo and leaving my hard drive relatively clear. I take A LOT of photos - it is a hobby of mine and I will probably quickly fill up my 125 gb SSD internal harddrive.


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    Time Machine backs up EVERYTHING unless you explicitly tell it to exclude certain items. So yes, the iPhone app and the iPhoto library are backed up on Time Machine.

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    photos reside on external drive, using time machine
    So, from reading this I take it that it's OK to delete photos from my startup disc? Startup disc is almost full, 98GB drive is at 97.5 GB. How can I be sure the photos are actually on the (160GB) time machine drive before I start deleting them?
    Thanks, Mike

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    On the external backup HD there should be a folder called backups. You can navigate this to find the iPhoto Library folder, "show package contents" and check around (don't move anything!) to see if all your photos and such are there.

    I don't recommend your plan, however. Given the importance of digital photos, you'd be wiser to back up the photo library to another external drive and use that as it's new home, also still making a backup before deleting anything from your boot drive. I agree that you need to do this NOW, since .5GB is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too little space for the Mac to operate probably and you are risking catastrophe.

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