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Thread: MPB DVD player stuck

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    Apr 05, 2013
    MPB DVD player stuck
    For the second time a disc cannot be ejected from my DVD player. What are the steps to take to remedy this problem?

    Thanks for the directions.


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    Have you tried:

    dragging the icon for the disc on the desktop to the trash bin
    Open Finder and click the eject button next to the disc in the sidebar
    Press Command and E
    Reboot - after you hear the chime, hold down the left mouse button
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    (supplementing the above)

    When Tom says "hold down the left mouse button" he means "... and keep holding it until you hear the optical drive attempting to eject."

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    Apr 05, 2013
    Thanks, Chas. I am now resigned to having the media player replaced. It is so sensitive it "skip(s) over the damaged area" so frequently. Is that likely to be an expensive repair? The MBP is out of warranty.

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    I will say that I have fixed mine with a can of air once and this last time a lens cleaner but use caution and try at your own risk but it did the trick for me since nothing was working on mine now everything works.

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