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    Right click share option
    I just got a new Macbook Pro and I noticed when you right click on the mouse there is a "share" option. Its very similar to the PC's "send to" option. The question I have is can you add places to the "share" option? I have a Skydrive I use for school and would like to use this as a option in the share menu. On my old PC you can add things to the send to folder, can you do this on Mac too?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    You can't add to the options, but the developer can.

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    SkyDrive would need to offer a Services plug-in to to that.

    Also, because SkyDrive is based on shared folders you can't just send something to SkyDrive from anywhere. It has to be moved of copied to SkyDrive monitored folders or you'd need to supply an online destination for the file i.e. one of your online only folders.

    You could write an Applescript or Automator function to copy or move a select file(s) to a nominated SkyDrive monitored folder and attached a hotkey to that. That's possible and would acheive a similar result

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