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    Quote Originally Posted by MacInWin View Post
    Try going back to the native resolution of the screen, then you can set the font sizes in Safari to be larger, or you can use Command-+ to magnify them as you need. That approach will get your pictures back into proper ratio. Commanc -- will shrink the font sizes again. Did you look at the circle I posted?

    Sorry, I missed your circle.
    I just went to it and it looks like a perfect circle and measures as a perfect circle.

    I have put the resolution to native and it makes it even worse. And making the fonts larger only increases then in certain places. Doesn't increase them in taskbars, for instance.

    Really scratching my head.

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    Bottom line: If the circle is round, then the screen is properly proportioned. If the pictures now look elongated, it is because previously they were shortened on your old monitor. As for fonts, use preferences in each app to set them to whatever you need. If you change away from the default resolution, you will add fuzziness and jaggies to the screen. In the long run, you won't like that.

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    I can well understand your difficulty with reading the small fonts on the screen. As it's very likely that I'm a good deal older than you are... What I have done with my iMac (1920 x 1080) is to employ a third party application when necessary to increase the size of fonts in certain applications.

    I recommend using something like "MacPilot" which has a built in utility to increase the font size (without distortion) on most apps including browsers. You can download a trial of MacPilot here. It's $19.95 to buy a license and well worth the cost. There are a myriad of other features built in beside the font manipulator.

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    thanks, everyone, for trying to help.

    I think I'm stuck with long tall people. chuckle.
    Makes it challenging when doing graphics. I make them look like they are supposed to look,
    then I print it and they look totally different, so I have to make them look odd on the screen, in order for them to print out correctly.

    Guess I just have to live with it.

    Thank everyone!

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    Hey chscag many thanks from your Louisiana neighbor. I either forgot or did not know about that MacPilot feature. My eyes thank you. This will be even more useful if I purchase a new Mac later this year.
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    I agree that the pics on the left look natural - unless the guy weighs about 400 pounds and the girl weighs 300+. That's the only way a face is going to be the same dimension in the vertical and horizontal axis.
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    Well, therein lies the problem. On my screen they look weirdly stretched vertically. Way
    tall and skinny . . . Apparently, when they are on other people's monitors they look normal.

    I'm just going to have to make the adjustment in my brain, since I can't seem to do it on the computer. But thanks again, to everyone who tried to help.

    Much appreciated!

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